Meet Coach Nelli Manilenko

My name is Nelli Manilenko and I am couch of a personal effectiveness and family issues for adults, children! In the last 12 years, I had the opportunity to develop in this field. I managed to enrich my education in the field of psychology, social work, public administration and management, obtaining two master's degrees in Ukraine. All these skills and practical work experience in the field of family matters, issues of protection of children's rights, providing assistance for citizens of Ukraine who had "refugees" status, and the opportunity to hold managerial positions helped me to make the decision to take up my life's occupation - coaching.

Since the beginning of the war, most Ukrainians have the feeling that they ostensibly "lost" their former lives.

Everything you aspired to, all life plans suddenly changed. Saving lives was the first priority. I personally experienced this, so I understand you, who had to face this reality. In the modern world there are many proposals for development. If you feel that you are "stuck" in something, are ready to move on, want to get out of your personal comfort zone, are trying to find a resource in a new reality, join a coaching session, I am ready to support you!

Contact to Book a Session:

(613) 229-9825