Ivan Pityk MA RP

Ottawa Ukrainian Mental Health Administrator

Even from safety of Canada, the shock of the war affected me immensely, just like many other Canadian Ukrainians. Struggling with my own survivor's guilt, I realized that my expertise could help those affected by the war. This is what inspired me to start this group.

My name is Ivan Pityk. My philosophy is that the past builds our being through the experiences we had and the lessons we learned. These experiences help to shape our sense of meaning and personal fulfilment through our journey. Therefore, I believe that it is important to explore the past and see how it shapes our experience in relation to ourselves and others. I incorporate this perspective in my work with clients and help to emphasize the power of choice, explore unmet needs and help to explore important areas for boundary setting.

To aid this I integrate evidence-based practice such as Psychodynamic Therapy, Family Systems, IFS, CBT, DBT and Emotion Focused Therapy, to help clients become more in tuned with their own mental, social, and spiritual needs and that of others.